“Straptight is perfect for valuable guitars where altering their strap pins would be a devaluation of their vintage-ness. But I use them on my newer instruments, too. Simple and functional.” – Carl Verheyen

“I’ve always been a sucker for brilliantly dumb ideas. They jump out of nowhere. They’re surprising. And they made you ponder with equal parts shame and self-loathing, “Crap. Why didn’t I think of that?”
So when Joe Satriani showed me his Artist Series Straptight Strap Locks ($12.99 for four) after a recent GP interview, I was dumbfounded. How could something so small, so light, so drop-dead simple actually work? I’m tempted to say it’s magic, but the USA-made, flexible locks—molded from a proprietary, plastic-like material—are the real deal. Slip the device over your guitar’s strap button to keep the strap secure, and you’re done. Thicker straps and buttons may take a bit of gentle wrestling to get the Strap Lock in place, but I tried it with all my guitars and straps of all types (leather to cloth), and never was denied. I even grabbed the strap, and swung my favorite Epiphone Dot in circles, and the Strap Locks didn’t slip, break, or jettison my guitar to an untimely end. In addition, the Straptights don’t require you to do any modifications to your instrument, and, in a pinch, you can even use the Strap Locks as guitar picks. Genius! Thanks to guitarist Bill Lonero (the inventor) and Rob Stephani for crafting these custom GP Strap Locks. The basic models are black.” —Michael Molenda (Editor – Guitar Player Magazine)

Straptight is the best, the simplest, the most ingenious and the most elegant solution to the age old problem of your strap falling off your guitar. It’s easy to use and never fails. I’m putting them on every guitar I own.– Joe Satriani

“Best under $10 guitar related purchase ever. After over a year, I’m still on my first pair. I’ve tried with different straps, guitars, and configurations close to 100 times and they still work. It’s incredible, especially for all that they are.” Downstemmed (via SixString)

“I heard about your product in the latest issue of Guitar Player Magazine. The concept is so common sense, it borders on brilliance!!! (It is also one of those ideas where I thought, “Arrgh, why didn’t I think of this!!!”) Great idea and execution. 

I have been playing 42 years. I have used most commercial strap locks, but have never liked modifying an instrument. It always seemed like I was compromising the integrity of the design and build. Thank you for coming up with a viable alternative that allows me to use the strap of my liking and forego drinking multiple Grolsch beers every time I get ready to do a series of shows. Best of luck with your product line! I wish you every success. Thank you”. –  Brian Dilller, Nashville, TN (Customer Email) 

I’ve been telling everybody ’bout your super cool strap locking creation!! Can’t wait to start using them myself!!” Thomas Nordegg
(Guitar Tech for Steve Vai, Frank Zappa, Dweezil Zappa, John Petrucci, Yngwie Malmsteen and many more)

“Got my Straptight Straplocks today.Nice! Work great & hold tight, I highly recommend these.Thanks! guys! – Frank Bowman (via Twitter @BCRichKid)

“Well – here is my review and artist endorsement, as promised! I’m happy to post this review somewhere as well (and you are welcome to as well) just let me know. I don’t use Twitter, just FB…but geez I love these so much maybe I should even get a Twitter account just to say it!
So they arrived in the mail and I sat down the very next day to put them on my basses. The first bass was my Fender Blacktop P-Bass, which is the bass I play for the Hormones All-Girl Tribute to the Ramones. First – holy smokes that was the easiest application putting ANYTHING on my bass! Just popped it right on there. It fit perfectly over my strap! I gave my strap several good tugs and all seemed well, but as they say…the proof is in the pudding. Or in the gig, in this case.
So then – it was time to really try them out – gig day, which was this Satuday! Our band is a high-energy, jumping-around-constantly punk band and I play my bass LOW, which puts additional strain on the strap. I’ve more than once had it pop off during a gig. Well – this gig was no problem, and only a few songs in I realized that no matter how much I moved, or jumped, or ran around, or pulled….that strap was going to stay on my bass no matter what. HURRAY! I spent the entire time at top energy for our fans because I knew, finally, that my bass would stay on no matter what!
Here is a (not great) picture of me at that gig (we move too much so the pics are always blurry lol) – but I have a friend who took formal pics that night and I’ll send one of those when I can. You can see I’m just enjoying, playing my bass – knowing it’s staying put! I had several friends there who also play and I showed all of them the Straptight Straplocks on my bass. I got a lot of “ooo’s” and “ahh’s” and also many “omg that’s awesome and totally makes sense!
Next up I have a gig my band Cruella March 8 in Concord. I play the Sixx Blackbird Bass in that band..again wearing it low. At my Valentine’s Day gig with that band my strap did in fact come off during Too Fast for Love and I had some very stressful moments! I can’t wait for this gig with my Straptight Straplocks on that bass – woo hoo! You’ve taken 98% of the anxiety away from my gigs. Thanks again for the GREAT product!” Terilynn Bench (Bassist for The Hormones and Cruella)