"Straptight is the best, the simplest, the most ingenious and the most elegant solution to the age old problem of your strap falling off your guitar. It's easy to use and never fails. I'm putting them on every guitar I own." -
Joe Satriani

StarpTight strap locks


Be sure to watch this brand new video of Joe Satriani as he tells you why he loves Straptight® straplocks so much and why we think you will to! A special thank you to Joe Satriani Universe for the video and to check out the entire interview with Joe click this link:


We are proud to announce the addition of Andy Timmons to our list of endorsees. Andy is a remarkable guitar player that stands apart from the pack with his sense of melody and mastery of the guitar. Visit Andy at www.AndyTimmons.com
Andy Timmons








Did you see our ad in the September issue of Guitar Player magazine with Joe Satriani? Well click here to order your Straptight® straplocks now.


Straptight® guitar strap locks are an innovative and simple idea which literally locks your existing strap to your guitar. After more than a year of developing and performance testing in live situations, Straptight® is finally available to the public. Unlike other strap locks that can take up to 5 minutes or longer to install and require multiple tools, Straptight® installs in mere seconds and removal is just a twist and a pull. With our Patent Pending design, Straptight® has been designed to have a thin profile of 40 thousandths of an inch. To put that into perspective Straptight® is thinner than a dime.

With other strap locks your strap is attached to that strap lock. If that strap lock fails your strap comes off the guitar. So in essence it isn’t really locking your strap to anything other than itself. With Straptight® strap locks your strap is attached to the strap post on your guitar eliminating this problem. Think of it as a safety net.

Small enough to fit dozens in your pocket, they have been designed to also double as a guitar pick. Clip them on your tuning machine so you’ll always have one ready to go.


The uniqueness and versatility of Straptight® is unmatched. Why would you use anything else?